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видове протеин
Whey Protein is very fast absorbing and help for muscle growth! It is suitable for every time of the day, especialy immidiately after training.
Egg protein is a great protein source without lactose. It will help you to build the physique of your dreams.
Soy Protein is a vegetable protein source with low fats and cholesterol. It will help you to achieve your goals by natural way.
Beef protein has very high bioactivity. It supports muscle mass and growth and can be consumed at every time of the day, every day.
Find the best vegetable sources of protein: pea, hemp and brown rice! They all have very high quality.
Casein is a milk protein with slow resorption, perfect for intake just before bed time! It deliver protein to the muscles during the all night.
Proteins powders is the easiest and most delicious way to intake the needed grams of protein. Choose from different kinds and tastes.
Meal replacements provide a balanced complex of proteins, carbs and other important nutrients.
Protein Bars are balanced sources of protein for lean muscle mass. They are easy to intake and you can consume them everywhere.
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